Liquor Whipped

Liquor Whipped

Liquor Whipped – Alcoholic whipped cream is a brand new product to the UK market available exclusively to Haywood Drinks.


It’s arrived – alcoholic whipped cream brought to you exclusively by eliot’s and Haywood Drinks. Liquor Whipped is a range of tasty whipped cream infused with flavoured Vodka, which is perfect to add a twist to hot drinks, desserts or even as a shot on its own.

Liquor Whipped

Liquor Whipped

From us to the pub to you!

Sorry- This revolutionary new product is only available currently in clubs, bars and licensed venues across the UK. If your local is not a stockist yet – tell them to get in touch today!

Liquor Whipped is perfect to create unique and very interesting signature drinks and easily adds bar theatre. It can be used to top shots, cocktails, is perfect with our Mysthic flavoured and coloured vodka (link), to make milkshakes, add to coffee and desserts and much more.

But wait for it………How about a Crazy Cone?

 Liquor Whipped Topping Ice Cream cones just for adults! Liquor Whipped makes a brilliant topping to make alcoholic cones … Perfect for lazy days in the sun or to cool down after a night of dancing.

Liquor Whipped Applications

Liquor Whipped Applications


Award winning!!

Liquor whipped recently won Gold at the recent Casual Dining Event, London and is proving popular across the UK.

Liquor Whipped a new alcoholic vodka infused whipped drink and dessert topping which contains 14% ABV premium vodka.

Available in 9 great tasting flavours:



Irish Mint

Key Lime Pie


Pina Colada



White Chocolate Peppermint