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Meet the brilliant guys at Jetchill, Rob and Col, who recently raised £27,149 with their Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign. We had the pleasure of meeting Jetchill and taking a look at their world first – dry ice drinks system which is fantastic.  They used some of our ready to serve premium Shatler’s Cocktails to demonstrate the machines smoking results – and we loved it!

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A question you may have asked yourself as a licensee fighting to survive in these tough and competitive times is: What is social media all about and do I really need it?

You wouldn’t be on your own.

But the amazing facts are that 27 million of us in the UK use Facebook and of those 71% view Facebook DAILY!

Here’s a great info graphic with those stats and more from http://visual.ly/facebook-uk-stats-2013 importantly:

23% tried a new bar via Facebook

Facebook UK Stats 2013

On our next blog – we will be sharing some tips on where to start if you haven’t joined the social revolution already!

And we invite you to JOIN US.


Haywood drinks has launched a crowdfunding project that aims to unite the pub and bar industry working together for a common goal – the long term survival of a great tradition. All are being invited to be a part of the crowd that helps develop eliot’s drinks, a Haywood Drinks brand committed to the traditional Pub and Bar. Haywoods believe it is THE place to socialise, meet people, unwind and have fun. Just as Brit’s have done for decades, centuries in fact!

Why join the crowd? Well beyond the feel good factor of just being a part of the solution, there are a host of benefits for both consumers and publicans. See our campaign for more details. The new crowdfunding project is a unique offer that enables everyone to unite in order to secure a future for UK Pubs and Bars. Consumers can get exclusive access the crowd and become a part of the future of eliot’s – VIP’s if you like! Fantastic offers, fabulous products and first class rewards are waiting for anyone who is a part of the #eliotscrowd


Why crowdfunding?

Well eliot’s see the issue of the survival of UKs pubs and clubs and an issue for everyone and everyone needs to be a part of the solution. Individuals can often feel they can only do so much – enjoying an odd night out at their regular for instance – however by bringing together everyone in to a common cause each individual adds up to a crowd – and a crowd can make things happen. By opening this up to the crowd, Haywood’s can harness the power of eliot’s and lead an impact in the UK.


FB Crowdfunding

How will eliot’s help the pub?

By giving back exclusivity to Pubs and Bars to serve the kinds of luxury drinks and snacks that customers cannot get at home. eliot’s are committed to developing a brand that they can position within Pubs and Bars, that gives customers a reason to visit, a tempting treat that gives the motivational push off the sofa down to the local. Making going out the NEW going out!


The market is changing too. Traditional advertising isn’t getting the attention and giving returns in the same way as before. UK Pubs and Bars need to take hold of social movement to grow. Socialising is not just a physical thing, it’s an internet thing too…”social” media is with us every step. Let us consider the supermarkets; the ones doing well in store are the ones building their brands online too. We have lost too many big names from our high streets. We must learn from so many mistakes and harness the power of social media before the competitors do!


And eliot’s can help here too. In addition to the drinks and snacks available to Pubs and Bars,eliot’s are offering their crowd professional assistance with their social marketing. From retweeting packages if you have your account ready but need larger reach – to full social media management. There is a benefit to suit all.


The #eliotscrowd is already growing. And this crowd will be directed in to the pubs and bars, they’re a crowd of like-minded supporters who want to be a part of the future. And they need places to go. Haywood Drinks are committed to helping those that help them. So the question is – are you in…?

Here’s how….

Visit the campaign and buy a “perk” to support us at igg.me/at/eliotscrowd Perks start at just a £1 and include massive discounts and great offers and services for licensees and independent brewers.

Use this press release or get in touch to feature the campaign story in your blog or publication.

Support us by simply sharing either a link to this article or our campaign igg.me/at/eliotscrowd on your own social media profiles – we would really appreciate it! 

About Haywoods

Haywood Drinks, the name behind Eliot’s, brought easy to serve hot alcoholic drinks to the UK market, and have since been dedicated to the further development of the Eliot’s brand and to the support of the drinks industry in the UK. Haywood Drinks are constantly looking at ways to improve their offering for both bars and clubs and consumers. Eliot’s have proven a commitment to the market by further investing and developing this next generation drinks dispenser, but also to the traditional pub and bar in the UK by supporting the trade with innovative ideas, support and help with product promotion. Your support will help Haywood Drinks to develop the Eliot’s Drinks brand and cause.

For more information please contact Haywood Drinks Managing Director Fraser Henderson on email info@haywood-drinks.co.uk and follow the campaign or connect on Twitter @HaywoodDrinks and with Fraser on LinkedIn.

Want to download or share this press release? please do –

 We are taking on the crowd – Support us to Support you

So what is the Fair Deal for Your Local Campaign and how can you help support it?

Big pub chains own a good third of UK Pubs, and charge the tenants inflated prices on a limited range of their beers. The higher prices are passed onto the consumer. Independent pubs, clubs and bars are able to buy their beers, wines and spirits at up to 50% less.

So although there is a place for big pub chains owning and promoting pubs and bars, the argument is to monitor pricing and fairness, and allow a little competition by letting the chain owned pubs and bars to purchase from outside the chain, and lower prices for the consumer.  Also giving the tenants and landlords a great ability to survive and profit.

You can find out more here http://www.fairdealforyourlocal.com/the-campaign/

And you can support the Pubco reforms by simply signing up and completing the survey, or go a step further and lobby your MP more details here:

Fair Deal For Your Local Flyer

Here at Haywood Drinks and Eliot’s we of course have a vested interest in the UK pub trade, pubs and bars are the mainstay of our business so we want to see them do well. We try and source new and innovative product lines, successful brands to deliver to our stockists.  Drinks and Snacks the end customer, the pub patron will love. And if we can support our stockists to make more sales with new and fresh ideas or a little help with their marketing we will.

For you – the customer, you may be sold on the idea of a local pub or bar, you may have one. You could be indifferent or anywhere in between but here are a few reasons why you should support your local:

Historic centres

Pubs have been around for centuries, as places to drink, or inn’s to find a place to sleep, and developed over time into town and village centres, as important as church or shop, and found in every village and town. Growing along with population growth until even the smallest village had a few. Many many pubs still in existence today are centuries old, historic and listed buildings with as many if not more stories to tell than the community they have brought together.

Even the very newest bar or club has tales to tell, of its customers and events, celebrities who have graced their doors, physical and Facebook walls of happy souls.

Socialise, relax, meet new friends and old

Whether your local is one that’s new or old, a decent local is welcoming to everyone, men or women, young or old, most have something to offer for all, drinkers or not. They are a great place to catch up, socialise, stay the night or start one, and to meet new people. “Social” is not new, pubs are the original “social” places.


Church isn’t for everyone, shops aren’t too comfortable for sitting around in – the pub, bar, club or restaurant is designed for just this, they can be the hub of a community, the place to bring everyone together, to fundraise or just to have fun.

It’s a shame to see them lost…

Although the best way of supporting your local is to be there, if it’s a cause that’s close to your heart here are a few campaigns and websites to consider, watch this space for more.